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2018 Feather River Steelhead Fishing Report, Map, and Hunting Areas, Clubs, and Ranches

2018 Feather River Steelhead Salmon Fishing Report, Map, and Hunting Areas, Clubs, and Ranches

Fishing Map of Feather River

About Feather River

Starting from Lake Oroville  the lower Feather River is 48 miles of fairly steady flow, without lots of fast rapid covered water. It merges with the Yuba River, then on to its entry to the Sacramento River.  Despite a few built up areas around Yuba City, etc.,  it can produce giant steelhead and salmon.

 The Lower Feather also gets returns of shad, and striped bass, and has a population of smallmouth.

The  best area is below Lake Oroville through the Oroville State Wildlife Area or about 7 miles, and further down stream to Gridley.
 The wildlife area provides lots of points to gain entry to the river, and this also contains many access points. Most of this section  below the outlet is the "low flow" section, exposing much structure, slower waters but also riffles conducive to fly fishing.

How to Fish the Feather River

The Feather has two runs during the year: Fall-Winter run steelhead and the Spring run March-April.          
The river can accommodate drift boats but shore anglers have many access areas. and even occasional power boats in the lower sections.
For fly fishermen, try streamers or  nymphs, use a floating weight forward line and a 6-8 size rod.
 When the salmon are spawning, the steelhead like eggs or egg imitation lures. Decent roe set ups for bait fisherman work, and throwing crocodiles or castmasters  is also effective.

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